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F2 Platform
TDS Server
The Tessonics Data Service (TDS) Server is the central hub that stores your parts catalog, user info, andinspection data. It is required by the Desktop Tools to function. One server installation can support many instances of the Desktop Tools and F2 units. Tessonics Data Service
Desktop Tools
The Desktop Tools software provides features for managing your parts catalog, editing users, and importing inspection data from your F2 units, all from your desktop or laptop. The Desktop Tools requires a TDS Server in order to function (see above for info on the TDS Server). F2 Desktop Tools V3 -> V4 Importer
Array Explorer
The Array Explorer software provides the core functionality for the F2 units. The installer provided here is used to upgrade the existing software on your F2 units. F2 Platform Software

Legacy (RSWA F1)

Array Explorer
The major components of RSWA software are Array Explorer, Launcher, and User Manager. You can download the files provided here to upgrade the existing software in RSWA Unit, or to install the application on your desktop computer.
RSWA Software Setup
You can find installation instructions in the RSWA Administrator's Guide (PDF).
Note: When upgrading from older versions, you may need to adjust the Delay parameter in Array Explorer Settings > Adjust Signal. Please, log in as Admin otherwise the Adjust Signal page may not be available.
Desktop Tools
Our new RSWA Desktop Tools package allows managing RSWA data on your desktop computer or laptop. We provide two download options: the version with the installer and a zipped version. The first package provides a simple and convenient way of installing and upgrading the software, but it requires administrator permissions during the installation. The second version requires manual installation (see enclosed readme.txt file) and it can be installed on a PC where you don't have administrator permissions.
The special software performs analysis and reports the size of the measured weld and its location with respect to the plate surface. Alternatively, the software can display a red, yellow, and green dots for quick weld quality estimation. A welding engineer can easily determine the current weld quality as well as stability of the process from collected statistics. RIWA Software Setup