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Tessonics Inc. was established in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 2003 with the support of DaimlerChrysler and the University of Windsor. Initially, Tessonics provided advanced ultrasonic imaging-based weld quality control solutions to the automotive industry. As of today, Tessonics has also secured a foothold in the aviation industry. We are working in the ultrasonic medical device arena and have won several government contracts in that field.

Since our inception, we have brought a number of innovative solutions to the market developed by the company's strong R&D team. This team has received more than thirty Canadian, USA and European patents, has successfully implemented numerous projects, and has proven it can meet various customer requests. The company's goal is to maintain its leadership position in the high resolution imaging, diagnostic, and non-destructive testing markets globally. Together with the headquarters located in Canada, the Tessonics Group is comprised of independently functioning branches around the world, including the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Czech Republic, Japan, South Korea and China.
With its headquarters in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Tessonics Group consists of five Wholly Owned Subsidiaries and a select Dealer Network in key international markets.
Tessonics Inc.
Tessonics Corp.
United States
Tessonics Europe GmbH
Tessonics Poland SP. Z. O.O.
Tessonics Technology
Tessonics Corp (USA) founded in 2003 in Birmingham, Michigan and Tessonics Inc. (Canada) founded in 2005 as the head office in Windsor, Ontario, with the objective of becoming the world leader in Ultrasonic Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Systems. Tessonics launched its first generation Ultrasonic Resistance Spot Weld Analyzer (RSWA) in 2005 through an exclusive agreement with DaimlerChrysler and within two years was recognized as an industry leader in this market segment.
Accredited as the only system with the capability to provide an image of the internal structure of a spot weld, the Tessonics RSWA quickly became the instrument of choice in the automotive industry for quality control of spot welds. With the fast-paced changes in the automotive industry, Tessonics was challenged with the necessity to develop quality control systems for different materials such as aluminum and composites. Additionally, with the increase in the use of adhesives in car body joining processes, Tessonics rose to the occasion by developing a quality control system for the detection of adhesives between the joined metal plates – Adhesive Bond Inspection System (ABIS).
In 2010, the second generation RSWA system was introduced as the F1 model. It can be configured for dual functionality by incorporating the RSWA and ABIS systems into a single easy to use device. In 2019, Tessonics launched its F2 Platform with revolutionary advances in transducer technology which was unprecedented in the industry. Currently, all production and final assembly is accomplished in the headquarters facilities in Windsor.

Tessonics is a global leader in the design, development and production of leading-edge ultrasonic technologies for industrial and medical applications. A leader in high resolution imaging and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Tessonics develops products to meet the automotive industry’s current and future quality control requirements. Our customers include automotive OEMs, tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers, as well as agricultural and aerospace industries.

Our Customers

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Spinoff Companies

The True Image Solution Ltd. is a research company established in 2013. Their main focus is the non-destructive evaluation of objects of art and cultural heritage, as well as research towards the development of new techniques and adapting existing techniques to this field. True Image Solution implements the latest technology and techniques as they are developed by the most renowned art experts all over the world. The main goal of the company is to provide customers with state of the art professional services in the field of analysis and pre-restoration diagnostics of objects of fine arts and cultural heritage such as paintings, wood panels, icons, statues, frescoes, etc.

Services Provided
High-resolution light, electron and AFM microscopy Ultraviolet analysis Thermography Near- and Shortwave Infrared imaging Ultrasonic imaging and Acoustic microscopy X-ray radiography Raman spectroscopy Fourier-transform Infrared spectroscopy Mathematical methods for the analysis of craquelure, canvas cuspings and canvas density Encryption and digital fingerprinting methods for art object protection X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy
High-profile Customers
English Heritage National Trust Bonhams, London Hamilton Kerr Institute, University of Cambridge The Courtauld Institute of Art UK Bronze 2D Heat
Tessonics Medical Systems Inc, (TMS) is developing innovative diagnostic instrumentation solutions to increase medical readiness, mitigate fatalities, optimally treat life-threatening injuries, and promote positive long-term outcomes.

TMS currently focuses on further development and commercialization of the Transcranial Ultrasound Brain Imaging (TRUBI) technology that has been originally developed by Tessonics Corporation during the past decade. TMS aims to implement the TRUBI technology in an advanced ultrasound diagnostic imaging instrument that will provide a forward-deployable solution for rapid and accurate diagnosis of life-threatening traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

TRUBI is an easy-to-use, ruggedized, portable, lightweight, shock- and impact-resistant device suitable for use in austere combat and civilian environments by medical personnel with all levels of training. TMS has recently conducted a comprehensive preclinical evaluation of the TRUBI prototype instrument and demonstrated its unique performance features capable of greatly enhancing in-theater diagnostics of intracranial hematomas (ICH) associated with TBI. Cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) techniques are used to develop algorithms that rapidly and accurately detect ICH in transcranial ultrasound images and accurately determine their types.

Ontech Rapid Coatings was launched in 2018 through an ENWIN Energy and Tessonics Inc. partnership that has developed cutting edge engineering coating and corrosion control solutions. We offer cost-saving services for the utility, automotive and aerospace sectors across North America.

ONtech uses Dual-Flow Cold Spray (DFCS) technology to help our customers improve maintenance quality and longevity for critical metallic and metal-based parts and infrastructure. We are experts in using innovative technologies to save time and money by targeting one of the leading causes of asset retirement and premature equipment failure – corrosion. Protect, Extend, Save.

Services Provided
Corrosion repair, control and prevention for a wide range of substrate materials Leakage sealing Development of custom coatings Mold repair and restoration 3D printing
High-profile Customers
City of Windsor MRA Mobile Experiential Tours Alectra Utilities
True Phantom Solutions designs bio-medical phantoms. The ultrasound and MRI compatible phantoms are tools in the development of diagnostic imaging techniques, neurosurgery treatment planning and training of nursing/ medical students.

Products & Services Provided
True Phantom Solutions designs and creates bio-medical phantoms. Our lifelike phantoms are one-of-a-kind and made to mimic the acoustical, physical and mechanical properties of real biological tissues. The anatomically correct phantoms are created with the exact bone density and porosity. Using 3D printing technology and synthetic material, the phantoms are made to be an exact model of anatomical structures. The phantoms are fully customizable and able to suit any biomedical project. Researchers no longer have to rely on human cadavers which are costly and degrade quickly.

A U.S. patent was granted for the bone material, which is MRI compatible. The ultrasound, MRI and CT compatible phantoms are important tools in the development of innovative diagnostic imaging techniques as well as the testing and calibration of medical devices. The phantoms may also be used in neurosurgery treatment planning and the training of nursing and medical school students.

High-profile Customers
GE Philips Samsung Siemens MIT FDA University of Stanford University College London Langevin Institute in Paris IIT Madras Mayo Clinic John Hopkins University Cleveland Clinic SickKids Hospital in Toronto Alberta Health Services